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A job at EVOSULT is something special. Why? Because we are a special team. Come in, get comfortable, get started! More than a job – a hit!


Being a member of this team does not only mean a high degree of motivation and dynamics. You are being given the space to show what you are made of. You are part of a growing enterprise that has many plans with you from day one.

We put much weight on your personal and educational development while working for us. We support you wherever we can. We do so, because we are aware that each of EVOSULT’s achievements have become possible thanks to our remarkable employees. File your application, come to us and show us what you’re made of.

Evolution is not just part of our brand’s name, it also mirrors our relationship with our staff. We expect and support the continuous development of our team through personal and professional training, because we are convinced that our company’s success is a result of continued qualifications and evolution of every single employee.


Working in beautiful Munich!
In the midst of the legendary
Schwabing green belt is the
location of our bureau.
Of course, you can get here easily
by public transport.

Our functional yet modern office concept is waiting for you. Get comfortable at one of our height-adjustable desks and shape your own workplace with lots of personal space. Wellness is provided by an innovative concept for lights and acoustics, fresh fruits and free beverages (coffee, tea, water, juices and more).

And what’s up during break? In the vicinity of our agency, you find many different cafés, restaurants and shopping opportunities, not to mention the fantastic green belt surroundings with fresh air, sun and nature.

Junior Consultant

Junior Consultant (f/m/d)

Even beginners get the opportunity to prove themselves by handling parts of a project in own responsibility.

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultant (f/m/d)

As senior consultant, you are in charge of and responsible for several project modules.


Principal (f/m/d)

Helping the company to handle complex projects and crises is your responsibility as experienced project manager.


The straight way is not always the best one. It happens that the ideal job is not vacant or that requirements don’t match with your education or training. Sometimes you may feel over- or underqualified. On the other hand, you may have skills and experiences that are not asked for directly – but could prove useful for you and us to advance. If you believe this could be the case, just file an unsolicited application.

initiative application


EVOSULT is always looking for reinforcements by qualified and engaged people – because our growth continues constantly.

We recommend you to have a look at our current career opportunities. Maybe you find your dream job right away – and if not, don’t worry. We update our vacant positions constantly, so maybe you find something next time you look at our site.

Job offers

Connect Four -
the best reasons to join our team

Of course there are more than just four reasons. A lot of nice people in a competent staff make it worth joining our team. We believe in flat hierarchy. True cooperation where everyone involved pulls for the team. Even kindness is natural for our company, although in many other jobs you don’t find it anymore. But if all of this is not enough to convince you yet, here are four more reasons:

Pleasant working environment

Is it even possible to work at a nicer place than in the heart of Munich, inside an office with modern equipment and spacious active area? Bright and friendly, in the midst of a green environment that is perfect for relaxing as well as for shopping.

Attractive remuneration model

Performance shall be rewarded. We consider attractive and performance-oriented salaries self-evident. Bonus payouts are not an exception, but the rule. And since everyone has to make retirement plans, we have some nice suggestions for it.

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The team means everything to us. That’s why we do a lot for it. Workshops, panels, work groups and more help to exchange opinions within the team. In addition to that, we organize great events for no other reason than having fun together.


Because we want you to advance, we support you individually wherever we can. We provide opportunities for further training and to enhance your competence and skills. You could also say that we coach you to the top.