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Attractive benefits
and excellent perspectives

Since it was founded in 2009, EVOSULT Munich believed in the development of innovative and state of the art methods for project management that put the focus on the human factor. Many projects fail because of a lack of understanding and acceptance, usually caused by faulty communications strategies between those who are responsible for implementing change and projects within a company. Thus it appears that true success requires the inclusion of everyone involved.

Our fields of interest

We are looking for new staff members all the time. In general, we need people who grow with their challenge as part of a team and who are able to complete a project successfully in the following fields of interest.

All phases in project management should be handled by our competent and certified consultants (m/f/d) from the early preparations to executing tasks to completion. An individual approach that takes all specific aspects and requirements of the customer into account, is most important for us. EVOSULT consultants are also deployed for rescuing existing projects.

Life means change – also for companies. But introduction and implementation of new processes is often accompanied by resistance within companies and their IT structures. Motivation, solving conflicts of acceptance and providing emotional inclusion of the affected employees are main duties of our consultants (m/f/d) in change management.

Our consultants (m/f/d) have to consider complex relations and dependencies that are subject to constant change when it comes to rollout management. Our goal is to find an optimized integrated solution that can be implemented by our consultants (m/f/d) within the given time and budget limits.

What worked yesterday, can be obsolete today. Our experienced coaches (f/m/d) provide new views and insights to companies, helping them to handle challenges and problems that can occur during complex project phases and that can’t always be foreseen.

Your career at EVOSULT

Promotion opportunities are important for applicants. Joy and motivation for work are important aspects of EVOSULT’s corporate culture.

Even if you are a beginner, you are a full member of our team. This means, you will be handling selective parts of a project in your own responsibility. Our junior consultants are also deployed for customer contact tasks. Of course, EVOSULT gladly supports you to acquire further qualifications such as Master degrees and more.

Experience brings more responsibility. Consultants at EVOSULT handle their project tasks independently and organize workshops as well as customer interviews. To acquire new customers, consultants develop market surveys and present them accordingly.
Senior consultants are responsible for several project modules at a time and fill out leading positions. They also work out individual PM methods. Further training and enhancement of professional competence is being supported by EVOSULT.

Project managers are in charge of the different project branches, provide the main customer contact and act as EVOSULT representative. Autonomous development of solutions and managing projects requires a major sense for responsibility by handling team and budget planning.

These experienced project managers support companies by handling complex projects and crises. They support other colleagues and take care of customer relations from the beginning.
EVOSULT partners participate in all decisions on the leadership level. They secure existing success and evolve new business relations in order to build long-lasting strategic success of EVOSULT.

Why is it so special to work for us?

Since 2009, EVOSULT is a proven partner of success for domestic and foreign companies of all sizes. Our concept is easy – humans are at our center of gravity, and that includes our own staff. We like to hear new ideas, because evolution makes us better. We support talents, listen to feedback and want to see every single employee advancing to excellence.

Our corporate philosophy

Values and appreciation are not empty phrases for us – therefore we live them in every moment.



Expertise and excellence start with the letter “E”, just like EVOSULT does. Our excellence and professionalism should be felt by employees and customers as well.



No creativity and performance without passion. We are behind every project as if it is our own – and that’s what we expect from our staff. In exchange, we support our team members with all the passion we got.



Anyone who has a rightful objection or other comments is allowed to speak out. Each project and customer gets an individual treatment – which requires openness on all levels.



EVOSULT is a team formed from individual personalities. Besides the everyday work, we offer professional and personal evolution by further training and just for fun team events. Transparency requires trust, which we love to build.

This is what we expect from applicants

As flexible as we are, we can’t go totally without formalities. If you apply for a job, please provide a full set of application material that includes all necessary information. You can upload it comfortably at our website. Please make sure that your letter always refers to the respective job offer and your qualifications.

Advice to applicants

You never get a second change for a first impression, right? So you should always show us your best side to wake our interest in you. But please – stay authentic and honest when we meet for the first time. We want to get to know you as well as you want to get to know us.

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