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Digital transformation can only succeed if transparency is created for added value and the benefits of the changes are communicated. If this does not succeed, the investment will remain without return.

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EVOSULT GmbH was founded 2009 in Munich, Germany, by corporate consultant Kai Kobbelt. Back then he already could look back at more than nine years of expertise in the field of project consulting for large corporations. Specialized on financial branches like insurances and banks, he developed a holistic concept that includes the classic approach to project management, but puts the human factor into the center of gravity. Employees and stakeholders often have reasonable and important remarks, ideas and even worries that need to be recognized in order to manage a seamless implementation of change. EVOSULT’s experience shows, that transformation in companies can be achieved best when everyone involved is included.

Successful pooling of energy

Just by including the people affected by change from the early stages on, many misunderstandings can be avoided. Such misunderstandings often lead to delays, friction and resistance. It is far better to take the valuable input of those who have to implement everything from the beginning and to communicate own intentions early and clearly. Especially for projects around digitalisation, problems often occur through ignorance of these factors.

EVOSULT stands for evolution and consult – and nothing less is our goal. At the end, your company is going to evolve through practical results. We can help you to complete your projects in time and within the given budget planning through sustainable and holistic project consulting. The final result is helping your company to advance and satisfy employees as well as stakeholders.

How to evolve your company evolve your company

Individual requirements and needs play a decisive role for the conception of projects. Depending on branch and company, EVOSULT strives to provide always an individual service. In order to get the best service from the beginning, we recommend you to contact us directly. Our expert consultants will then evaluate your personal needs. We are looking forward to help shaping your project successfully.

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