We create a stir for our environment

Most companies still view sustainability as a matter of money in the first place. But an economy that does not operate in sustainable ways has grave effects on social life, ecology and societies worldwide. Therefore we strive to include real sustainability in all our projects. Sustainable concepts are part of our company’s ethics. They are necessary on a global scale as well as with a short-termed daily approach. In the end, everybody profits from a sustainable economy that doesn’t negate financial profit, but leaves enough room for others to take a breath. A few examples should show you, that this means more to us than just words.

Acting ecologically sustainable with EVOSULT

If you cooperate with us, you can be sure that we fulfill highest standards for sustainability. The protection of the environment is of utmost importance to us. This is why we make contributions to selected environmental organizations in order to improve our climate footprint.

Our workplaces are also designed and equipped to match sustainable standards. Wherever possible, we implement paperless work in our digital offices. Whenever possible, we waive printing out documents. Existing paper files are being digitized over time. Of course, EVOSULT also separates trash in its different forms and saves resources when possible. One-way systems, plastic wraps and paper towels are not used at EVOSULT. Our drinking water is tap water from the excellent Munich water system – and our employees enjoy organic fruits from local farmers as a company benefit.

Since 2016, all of our company’s cars operate 100% on electricity and are being recharged with green power. The EVOSULT headquarters can be reached without a car by using public transportation in Munich – which was an important factor when we were looking for the perfect location of our operating base. Options for car sharing, bicycle and e-scooter rentals are found nearby as well as recharge stations for electric-powered cars.

Social responsibility is part of EVOSULT’s sustainability

Protection of the environment and a low climate footprint are not the only important aspects when trying to be sustainable. The social effects of our economical decisions must be thought through every time. Since not every activity can be handled 100% neutral, we decided to compensate in other ways to reduce our ecological and social footprint. We already mentioned the support of environmental organizations, but we also support social organizations as well. Last not least, we have a responsibility for our own employees who profit from different benefits and additional personal and professional training efforts.

Got questions about our sustainability?

If you have any further questions about our philosophy for sustainability, feel free to ask. It is important to us that you have a good feeling when cooperating with EVOSULT.

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