Managing digitalization successfully
for your company

It has been known for decades that digitalization affects most industries. Today, even analog retail companies must offer digital payment options, ordering services, and other digital business processes to stay competitive. For larger companies, on the other hand, digitalization is not just another tool in their product range but usually affects all internal and external business processes.

During the Corona crisis, we all experienced how important timely digitalization is. Home offices and video conferences can hardly be implemented overnight without a viable digital infrastructure. But this also applies in particular to connections to external systems, interface processes, or digital contact with customers. For all these requirements in everyday business life, a precisely adapted and always scalable digitalization is a prerequisite.

Our expertise for your digitalization

If your company also has deficits in digital processes, you need a competent partner at your side who can provide you with solutions after a thorough systematic analysis – and then help you to implement them with precision. EVOSULT has already proven in numerous sectors that the digitalization of business processes as part of project management should be consistently pushed forward. Large insurance companies and banks are among our satisfied customers as well as large online retailers who needed support in implementing e-commerce systems. But also the production industry and the logistics sector trust in EVOSULT’s expertise in digital project management, change and transformation management.

How can we concretely support
in the process of digitalization?

Dependent on the branch in which you are active, you naturally have very specific requirements. Other aspects are the same for every digital transformation. For example, your customers expect all digital communication channels to be open to them in order to contact your company. A rarely maintained website or unanswered e-mails are absolute no-gos for modern companies. Whenever possible, processes should be optimized and convenient for all parties involved – apps are often just the beginning of the possible. Employees must be familiar with digital processes and appropriate positions must be filled with competent people. The conversion of production and delivery management to digital solutions within the supply chain is another field that primarily affects the industry. Future-oriented and expandable IT landscapes are no longer just a problem for accountants and development departments. All employees and business processes today are in one way or another involved with digital interfaces to increase productivity. The more complex the situation, the more you will benefit from our services:


We support you in the transformation of your business processes. New business models and new technologies always affect corporate structures and employees. Especially the respectful and fair treatment of your staff is the focus of transformation management.


If you lack your own project management capacities, we will realize your projects on request. Our services for agile project management, Project Management Office (PMO), and taking over the project management of existing projects have already led many a project out of a dead end.


Creating acceptance and necessity for change is impossible in companies without clear communication and planning. However, this is often the biggest stumbling block for the implementation of innovations in business processes.


We also have many years of experience in management consulting. Our workshops and consulting offers are individually customized and target-oriented to your needs.

Why you should seek support in time for the digitalization

Digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges of all. Employees and managers who are used to dealing with analog systems are often plagued by rational and irrational fears: What will the future bring? Is my job still safe? Can I still manage my job after the digital transformation? However, in addition to the needs of the employees involved, you as a company management often face the problem that you have neither the time nor the capacities for transformation and change management. But a simple top-down approach is a huge stumbling block to success in digital processes. The market is not waiting for you - the digitalization of processes and procedures must therefore usually be carried out during ongoing operations and must be continued continuously. To ensure that this is done smoothly and without loss of time, external help is often the best way.


Do not wait for crises, but be prepared.
Only then will you be able to work efficiently and profitably even when faced with major challenges. Digital change helps to overcome crises whose emergence can rarely be planned. We make sure that you are not overwhelmed by complex situations and that your company can look confidently into the future. This not only gives you and your employees security but also your customers, who rely on the reliability of your processes.

Check_SymbolAll too often digital transformation is understood as a cold, inhuman process. However, the opposite is the case.
People work with digital solutions, both on the corporate side and on the customer side. And don't forget your supply chains and processes. Transformation always works best when people can be inspired by the changes. Motivation is the key word. Our goal is to take every single employee of a company with us and inspire them for the changes in their company and processes.

Check_SymbolAll these challenges can be overwhelming - this applies to employees as well as to the management.
Therefore we offer services that go beyond simple IT consulting. We not only tell you which new digital solutions and infrastructure measures you need, but also help you with planning, implementation, and operational execution from start to finish - for transformation projects of any size. At all times, we involve the people who are in any way affected by the transformations.