To secure success and progress, modern companies ought to be ready for adaption and transformation. Change cannot be stopped, but it can be shaped.

However, both adaption and transformation require to create general acceptance and to include every employee involved.

It’s this point of view that originally led to the founding of EVOSULT Project and Change Management in 2009. Since then, many renowned national and international companies have completed most complex projects, rollouts and processes for change with our help. Our solutions are individually designed, creative and flexible – just like our personal consultants are! Our formula to pick up everyone involved for the great new voyage is based on humanly managed structures that contain the right amount of emotion without ignoring rational thinking.


Company goals, plans, projects, new conceptions, future-bound: none of it works without considering the human factor in your company.

We include heartfelt enthusiasm in our commitment for your projects. Analyzing the most impressive charts doesn’t mean anything without including the employees who have to handle change and its results, which is crucial for success. Showing the right balance between empathy and expertise is the way for us to achieve your goals.

Companies are no bloodless bodies, made from investments and return rates only. Successful companies combine the result of creative and vital cooperation. Understanding this concept explains why empathy and communication skills are important qualifications for our consultants – next to their expertise, of course. And if you seek help with an already running project that got stuck or is in danger to even fail, our method of project management is right for you. Together with the correct amount of sensitivity to the human factor, we can ensure the success of your project.





From beginning to end, we plan, lead and control your project side-by-side with you. Our certified experts do not only score with mutual sympathy, but also with their skills and experience in classic and agile methods of project management. We also love to support you with projects that are already running, so you can accelerate and finish them within the scheduled time frame.

Project Management


Mandating change by decree is not going to work anymore. Today the proper way of change management is to sit down with everyone involved and to work on win-win-solutions by using empathy and replacing commands with an empathetic approach. This ensures the necessary acceptance and quick implementation of innovations, which leads to a sooner ROI (Return Of Investment). Learn more about our services for change management.

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Rolling out new software or modern work environments is a great challenge to most companies. Whether you prefer the big-bang strategy or rather a step-by-step approach; our consultants bring the necessary know-how to you and develop a matching rollout strategy with you. We ensure the proper and smooth implementation of your project, so all you have to do in the end is to roll on rollout!

rollout management


Our project coaching services can help to create an ideal environment that your project needs to succeed. We also optimize existing projects accordingly with an unified approach. EVOSULT increases the efficiency of project-related processes, implements necessary change, shows new ways and warns of risks that need to be avoided or eliminated. By choosing our services for project coaching, you choose our support for an effective turnout of your project for everyone involved. Learn more about our services in the field of project coaching.

project coaching


Change is coming quicker than ever before in a globalized world. It is important to know the difference between short-lived trends and the real game changing approach for the future. By keeping proven methods and creating new concepts, we are helping our customers to recognize the difference and sculpt the necessary change after their original ideas.

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Old structures have become obsolete in this branch in a very short time. This sudden change requires new thinking to develop modern investment strategies and to handle damage events of the future.

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Banking services have moved from traditional bank branches to the internet. At the same time, credit and loan business suffers from low interest rates. New ideas and concepts for the digital world of finance are needed in order to survive.

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Although very successful at the moment, e-commerce must adapt to new rules, payment methods and the everlasting fight for customer attention. Stay focused on innovations and trends.

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The car industry is changing rapidly due to the introduction of electric propulsion systems. This affects greatly the classic automotive companies who supply car makers with parts and innovations. New structures must be created in time to keep pace with the modern concepts of mobility.

All of these branches are facing their own drastic challenges through change. Most companies fail when they try to implement a respective strategy without external help. Specialized on project-management, we can help companies in these branches with our expertise and extensive experience to find the right strategy and to implement it.

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When we say concept, it’s exactly what we mean – individual solutions for great challenges. To provide a tailor-made solution for every customer, we use the proven method of EFQM which mirrors our corporate philosophy and ethics. Our consulting concepts are forming the base for a successful completion of your personal project.

consulting concept

Create balanced results

Create benefits for customers

Lead by inspiration, vision and integrity

Process managing

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Be successful by integrating your staff

Encourage innovation and creativity

Build partnerships



It is of utmost importance for us, that each staff member enjoys being a part of the EVOSULT team.

EVOSULT is offering you the possibility to shape the development of a growing company by working on challenging and versatile tasks as part of a dynamic and highly motivated team of professionals.

We attach importance to professional encouragement and personal development of our employees, because we are aware that they make our success. Our career chances provide excellent earning opportunities as well as individual training and attractive benefits.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • The EVOSULT team supports companies in the implementation of transformation and transition projects as well as digitization in technical and non-technical change projects. With our project support in the areas of project management, coaching and consulting, we also relieve companies of the worry that the project might fail. This is because we not only ensure that budgets and deadlines are met, but also involve employees in the changes
  • In addition, we support companies selectively or as a companion in the areas of project consulting and optimization as well as project reorganization

Our team has many years of project and consulting experience in small and medium-sized companies as well as in internationally operating large corporations. We understand the expectations, fears and needs towards corporate change and build bridges between people and technology.

Our core industries with numerous reference projects are:

  • The banking and finance industry (e.g. introducing new and modern sales portals for agencies, IT rollouts, project optimisation)
  • E-commerce and complex online shop environments (incl. e-commerce rollout projects)
  • IT service providers and IT companies (rollout projects, project management, expert and departmental support)
  • NGOs and non-profit companies

We will be happy to provide you with further references on request.

  • We support you selectively or accompanying with our experts, consultants and coaches in all project phases, so that your change becomes a sustainable success
  • Our experienced project managers lead your desired change project from start to finish with a sure instinct
  • We stabilize projects in difficulties at short notice with a team of experts and, if necessary, accompany them until the end of the project
  • We offer you suitable project managers, experts, consultants, analysts and coaches for small and medium sized projects up to large complex and international projects.

Get in touch with us. We will be happy to advise you and present you with a custom-fit solution.

EVOSULT stands for "Evolve & Result" because "Develop and Consult" is our claim for your project. Because even in technical projects we always bring in our many years of experience and our feeling for people. We build bridges between people, IT and employees.

We speak the standard languages English, German and Spanish. Feel free to ask us if you need specific languages for project support.


Do you want to become a part of the EVOSULT team? Do you have further questions or do you need any other kind of information about our company or our philosophy? We are happy to answer to you – because an application is never a one-way-road. Just contact us – we are looking forward talking to you.

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