Our IT project managers help you to master crises

The EVOSULT team has been active for more than 20 years in the field of project management, rollout management, digitalization issues and consulting. One thing has been proven time and again: With the progress of digitalization IT projects are especially important. Sometimes they have to be implemented faster than planned, as current crises have proven to us time and again. But this kind of special circumstances can also allow your company to grow. And these are the challenges that inspire and motivate us again and again. We help you with our expertise and walk the path of necessary changes together with you. For many years now, our solutions have been benefiting renowned companies of all sizes from the banking, insurance, automotive and e-commerce sectors, who trust in our expertise. As the versatility and exclusivity of companies is also reflected in our consulting services, we offer comprehensive complete solutions on request. Our portfolio includes services from the following areas, among others:

Experienced IT project managers understand your comany and employees

Nowadays, successful project management almost inevitably includes a perfectly organised IT migration. Whether you are completely converting a system, planning a software introduction or want to optimise other business processes – without an experienced IT project manager, it is difficult to achieve the set goals. What is more, in addition to the technical aspects, IT project management should above all take into account the needs, concerns and suggestions of the employees who will be affected by the upcoming changes, because they are the heart of every company.

Why can EVOSULT be an innovation guarantor especially for your company?

Flexibility and spontaneity must be reflected in the project philosophy. Hardly any industry can do without comprehensive IT solutions today. Sectors in which IT systems are no longer seen as a necessary evil, but as tools and revenue generators with which one can cope with any situation, emerge from times of crisis as winners. The Corona crisis is impressive proof of this. Suddenly companies are at an advantage who were able to enable their employees to switch to the home office without any major problems. But even industry giants sometimes fail to meet the challenges of digitalization if they are not recognised in time and effectively managed. Whether small business, medium-sized company or group – changes affect all companies of all sizes. Increasingly complex structures, significantly shorter IT lifecycles, data protection requirements and much more bring with them the need for a sustainable transformation of the most diverse work areas. Digital structures and processes, which do not have to be created at great expense, are available more quickly if professional IT project management is behind the concepts. It is therefore fundamentally important to involve employees in the IT change management process right from the start. We are aware that changes in a company have a major impact on the employees. Changes all too often cause resistance. Particularly in uncertain times, the fear of job losses due to influencing factors such as globalisation and digitalization creates fears that need to be anticipated and managed. Our approach is to absorb these resistances and to accompany employees through the upcoming changes. We therefore do not dictate changes from above, but announce them in good time, discuss their effects with all those affected and help to generate acceptance for necessary changes. After all, satisfied employees who are convinced of the necessity of change make a significant contribution to the success of the innovations. Conversely, dissatisfaction leads to frictional losses and can even cause ambitious projects to fail. This is exactly where EVOSULT’s philosophy comes into play – because our IT project managers always see the whole picture and not just a detail. It is important to have a high level of expertise, competence, and industry-specific know-how to meet the needs and requirements of your company. Our experience and knowledge of the industry provide the decisive added value. We provide the human and technical resources and expertise necessary to successfully complete your individual project.

Everything begins with an analysis and expert advice

Every company has its own corporate culture, so it does not always make sense to want to achieve the same results for every company using the same methods. This makes it all the more important to grasp the core of a company analytically and methodically in order to find an optimal solution for the customer. If you want to introduce or optimise something, you first have to know where the problems lie and to what extent there is room for improvement. Therefore, before taking any other steps with us, we provide detailed technical and project advice for your concern. This is followed by the actual implementation of the upcoming project phases, which are all consistently embedded in the aspect of "change":

  • Initiation – the creation of organisational for project implementation
  • Planning – a clear concept of where the journey should go
  • Implementation – competent, determined and effective
  • Project supervision and monitoring – maintaining an overview at all times in order to be able to intervene if necessary
  • Completion of the project – successfully completing what was started together
6 phases of change management

Depending on the needs, the following good practices, among others, will be used:

  • Agile project management
  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Waterfall Method

Central to our approach to change management is the skilful interaction and the right dosage of interactions at the right time. They not only have a positive impact, but also lead to a successful and sustainable project result. Projects always entail changes. Without acceptance and precisely measured implementation at the right time, project success will never be able to develop its full potential. That is our philosophy. That is EVOSULT. We would be pleased to inform you about the possibilities in a personal meeting.

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