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Nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. Therefore we want to present a few of our credentials that stand as perfect examples for our expertise and competence as specialists for projects. Working out convincing and thought out concepts is only one side of the coin. The other is to implement the concepts together with you. It is surely no coincidence that we specialized in the renowned main branches. Our consultants are experts for their specific requirements. Another important issue for us is to make all our concepts sustainable for the future. The renowned companies who took our services successfully already, may speak for themselves.

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Insurance companies

While interest rates for investments have shrunk in the last couple of years, the challenges for insurance companies have not – in fact, they have grown enormously. Renowned customers like the Provinzial Versicherung trusted the expertise of EVOSULT for replacing obsolete sales structures. The Bavarian insurance company VKB got stuck with an own project that had reached its dead end years ago – and asked for our help to save the project and transform it into a successful story. The individual approach is our key to success. It is never too late to call us.


Several banks and savings & loan companies have asked for EVOSULT’s assistance in different phases of project planning. From the saving of troubled projects to the complete new conception, our holistic approach is based on an individual concept that recognizes the special requirements of each customer. This opens the possibility to take the individual challenges into consideration that occur with single bank branches and entire online banking structures. Especially the change management with employees downrange is a key factor to overcome internal obstruction and refusal.

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Companies that specialized in e-commerce are often portrayed as forerunners of technical developments. But they also have to adapt to new challenges and change. Corporate giants like the Media-Saturn group or are among the companies that seek our assistance for analysis, conception and implementation of projects. Next to the challenges of an ever-changing market, e-commerce also has to comply with new laws and regulations that are passed constantly. It is of utmost importance to avoid problems when implementing such regulations during running operations that must not be interrupted under any circumstances. Any mistake can lead to expensive ramifications. It is our job to help you avoiding such obstacles.


It is kind of obvious that switching to new propulsion systems in electric and hybrid cars will have tremendous effects on the automotive branch. Companies that are relying on the production of numerous small parts for engines and powertrain components, will soon feel the fallout of modern propulsion systems that need much fewer components anymore. It is important to adapt to this upcoming change as soon as possible if companies don’t want to fall behind. Utility vehicle maker MAN is one of the big players turning to EVOSULT to replace obsolete hardware with new standards for the entire corporation. The biggest challenge is to achieve this during running operations.

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Logistics have become one of the most important branches over the last years, thanks to the growth rates with e-commerce and industrial just-in-time-production. But this crucial function in the chain of production makes logistics the most vulnerable factor as well. All new innovations or changes to improve efficiency must be implemented against proven methods and refusals in the system. Without including the employees’ input on a large scale, such projects are almost impossible to complete without friction. Our holistic approach is the perfect solution to include all relevant players within the company for change-implementation.

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In many places, projects are still carried out according to the philosophy that the executive floor orders something and the rest of the company somehow implements it. This leads to friction and resistance within the existing structures because the need for change is not sufficiently communicated. Contact us now to find out how we can jointly design a perfect project management for your project.

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