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Mission accomplished – projects at focus

Nothing speaks for itself like credentials. On this page, we have gathered a few examples of our case studies that allow yourself to make a picture about typical presentations of problems of different renowned customers – and how we tackled those problems. Our systematic and holistic approach is always the same: we analyze the problem according to the customer’s guidelines, find practical solutions and put them into effect together with the company we work for. And this does not only mean the executive branch, but the entire company with all employees involved. Because wherever people are involved, they should be on board when the voyage begins.

Replacement of old system and rollout of new sales platform for the entire field service

A big insurance group in the federal state of NRW had to replace an obsolete and decentralized sales platform in over 460 agencies and savings banks in the state. It was to be replaced with a modern cloud-based solution which made it necessary to process data for the use in the new centralized system and to prepare the staff of all agencies in the new context.

Proposed solution

Analysis of interfaces and surroundings. Locating weak spots and replacing them with new rollout systems. Rollout management checks through constant monitoring. Increasing sensitivity and acceptance with stakeholders. Integration of new sales system with existing structures.


Modernization of sales structures for more transparency and better communications. Better agility through implementation of rollout reporting structures. Functional implementation of intuitive systems.


Project rescue: Replacement of old system and rollout of new hardware including new centralized sales platform for insurance field services A public Bavarian insurance group was running an initialization project for over 960 agencies, banks and savings banks, but without showing sufficient results. To increase the reduced acceptance again, a quick and complete rollout was necessary for a successful rescue of this particular project. Proposed solution Introduction of a big project team that works regionally to identify weak spots and to optimize the performance so far. Analysis of current management, complete migration of data to new server systems, the introduction of new rollout control, integration with single agencies and work systems. Results Individual support of all agency-based solutions, cooperation with all stakeholders involved, detailed evaluation by specially developed project reporting features, implementing of modernized company structures.


Exchange of old user hardware and introduction of new standardized group software for all employees on all locations A Munich-based manufacturer of utility vehicles was forced to update existing workplaces due to the expiration of support services. Since the deadlines were very close already, further challenges occurred for the successful implementation of the project. Together with hardware exchange, a complex rollout became necessary which created internal resistance. Proposed solutions Division of project into different parts. Agile project management for team formation. Integration of relevant stakeholders. Process evaluation while running operations. Complete change management for implementation of the rollout. Support for general cooperation to create the holistic success of the project. Results Increased motivation by general cooperation. Complex, yet functional rollout. Deadlines kept. Handover to stakeholders through focused rollout.


Support for implementation of user acceptance testing and system integration testing for online shop of a tobacco producing group In order to implement a modern online shopping system for tobacco products, a leading company needed pre-launch support for user acceptance and system integration testing. The main challenge was consisted of implementing the complex requirements of test management for a globally operating company in a branch that faces enormous change. Proposed solution Test management required a new structure by separating different project parts according to different requirements for testing. Also coordination and implementation of testing got optimized to create a stable shop system environment under all conditions. Results EVOSULT supported the company’s effort to optimize the testing management for industry-specific requirements. The stability and technical evolution of the shopping platform have been long-term secured.


PMO for a leading IT service provider with clients from the banking and insurance sector: support for end-of-life handling of IT-components

An IT service provider for banks and insurance companies needed to consolidate the lifecycle management for provided IT components to avert the risks of insufficient end-of-life handling. With the task of introducing structured workflows and practicial project controlling, the in-house EOL taks force dependent on consulting in Project Management Office (PMO).


Continous updating of the overview of IT resources and their life cycles. Consolidate inventory management through interdepartmental information exchange. Introduction of structured handling of end-of-life scenarios. Operational support for the replacement components with EOL status.


Prevention of business-damaging SLA violations due to availability restrictions and end-of-support cases. Minimise the risk of contract cancellations or significant service reductions.


So what project can we implement for you now?

These case studies are only a few examples representing a big number of projects that were planned, implemented or rescued by us. Regardless of the current status of your project or idea – our expert team is always capable of helping you. Get your information now about the possibilities we offer.

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