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From rollout to deployment –
make your projects flow smoothly

When it comes to rollout-projects, timing and perfection are decisive. Deadlines must be kept under any circumstances since nothing is worse than delaying the release of a brand, a new product or the transformation of a company. The biggest challenge for most companies is to keep an eye on all depending factors that influence success and implementation of the projected rollout. Efficient control of side effects that come with the merging of different synergies is possible by professional planning of rollout-management.

To complete this successfully, it takes a large degree of experience, competence and clearness. Depending on the respective branch, other specific factors have to be considered. Our professional teams comprise a wide range of trained experts on the relevant fields and branches. They know what it takes to work out a functioning and individual strategy for rollout-management. Of course, they always stay on target with the given budget and time limitations while maintaining efficiency and quality at the same time as their top priority.

Implement structures more successfully

Even the most sophisticated strategy can fail, if a project lacks of proper communications about planning and implementation between the parties involved. To prevent misunderstandings and delays, we prefer a precise and direct way of communication with everyone. In the course of this, we take into account the claims and influence of stakeholders as well as the concerns of those who are supposed to implement the rollout-management eventually.

Without such direct state of the art solutions for communications, we would not be able to recommend a working strategy to you. Part of this communication is to also take different points of view into account, that are held by customers and stakeholders. In our company’s history, we supported many rollout-managements and completed them successfully. One of the main reasons for our success is the implementation of modern communications.

Rollout Management - executed in a S.M.A.R.T. and sustainable way

It begins with proper equipment. Successful rollout-management requires state of the art communications and digital equipment to include the latest and most efficient standards without further delay in the planning. For this reason, part of our job is to analyze your infrastructure for hardware and software. If your infrastructure turns out to be insufficient for supporting the needs of the current project, we help you work out a sustainable and viable concept for updating your equipment. Of course, we ensure a seamless implementation of new systems with your existing structures wherever possible.

Another key to successful rollout management is our individual approach to support our customers from beginning to end. After all, no project is identical to another one. Therefore, we align our work with your requirements and already existing resources with both technical and human workforce. Especially the focus upon the human factor has turned out to be very important because next to the change of technical and operational structures, the real change has to be implemented by those people who are affected by it on a daily routine.

New business processes, production methods and modernization can only save money if they are implemented without friction. To replace existing (and proven) methods often creates obstruction and refusal. Both can be reduced by carefully targeted communications and good project management. We can help you to create acceptance for necessary change and are ready to support you after the conclusion of the actual rollout-project in order to ensure a sustainable success.

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